Hand Built Sculptures by Giovanni Barbera

Hand-built Sculptures by Giovanni Barbera

Studio-built, earthenware sculptures depicting a young man & woman. Roughly textured and beautifully stylized. Signed and dated by the artist. Barbera lived and worked in Palermo and was very active in the anti-fascist artist movement in Sicily.  Each sculpture is signed "Barbera XI." This Roman numeral references the 11th year of the fascist government, dating these sculptures at 1930.  *Publication references available.
h. 30"  w. 12"  d. 9"  /  h. 29"  w. 11"  d. 8"

Very good condition, with some chips and nicks to surface.  Also, discoloration and one visible repair. 

$28,000. pair

Ref:  08 GBB 01

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