Rare Desk & Chair by Donald Deskey

Rare Desk & Chair by Donald Deskey

c. 1930

Rare desk and chair designed by Deskey and produced by Ypsilanti Reed Furniture Corp. Walnut top and drawer boxes with copper plated steel supports and details.  A very rare set that perfectly represents Deskey's design aesthetic from the early 1930's.  Illustrated: Donald Deskey, Decorative Designs & History.  Pgs. 89, 101 & 178, all show variations of the chair from this set.
Desk:  h. 27" w. 44" d. 24"
Chair:  h. 31"  w. 16.5"  d. 21"  seat h. 17.5"

$26,000.  2 pc.

Ref: 40 DD 01


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