Federico Quatrini (1916-1991) painter, sculptor, ceramicist, author

Federico Quatrini made his debut as a self-taught painter, studying and working predominantly in Milan. In 1939 he had his first exhibition in Venice. After the second world war in 1948 he befriended Lucio Fontana, and was subsequently introduced to the international circuit of artists in Albisola Marina, including Tullio d’Albisola, Aligi Sassu, and Agenore Fabbri. In Albisola he began to explore ceramic sculpture and distinguished himself as the creator of private and public commissions of sacred art, working in ceramic, bronze, plaster, stone and silver. In 1961 he received the gold medal at the Festival della Ceramica d’Albissola. Two years later he was invited by the city to participate in the formation of the "Artists’ Promenade,” a kilometer-long mosaic pavement consisting of 20 ceramic panels created by the most important international ceramic sculptors of the 20th century. In 1964 he was commissioned by the famous Cinzano family, founders of the church of Nostra Signora della Concordia, to create a large relief wall, "Via Crucis" (Stations of the Cross). The piece was done in gold, glazed ceramic to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the church. Around that time he was also commissioned to make two statues: "Sacred Heart of Jesus" and "Immaculate.” He continued to work in the international avant-garde circle of Albisola, and in 1980 was invited to create a series for the historic furnace of Guiseppe Mazzotti (Museum Fabrica Casa Mazzotti). Federico Quatrini died in 1991 in Albisola Marina (Savona).

Select Highlights:
1939 Exhibition of paintings & drawings, Venice
1949 Debut ceramist, unique pieces exhibited in Albisola and Cairola Gallery, Milan
1952 National Ceramics Competition, Messina
1954 Master Potters, Gallery San Felice, Milan
1956 International Ceramics Competition, Faenza
1957 Gallery Cairola, Milan
1960 Bronze statue - Primio Citta Forli
1961 Biennale Sacred Art of Vigevano
1962 International exhibition Monza
1963 Artist’s Promanade, Albisola Marina
1964 Solo exhibit, Gallery San Fedele, Milan
1964 Wall relief "Via Crucis,” Nostra Signora della Concordia, Albisola
1964 Two statues - "Sacred Heart of Jesus" and "Immaculate,” Nostra Signora della Concordia, Albisola
1980s Series of works for Museum Fabrica Casa Guiseppe Mazzotti, Albisola

Fornace Jolanda Sciavi
Pozzo Garitta
La Fenice
Fabrica Guiseppe Mazzotti, Albisola

Gold medal - City of Milan
Ambrogino d'oro
Torretta d'oro Madonnia - International prize for sculpture

1945 Federico Quatrini: Il Pittore dell Alta Montagna. Gallery Cordusio
1947 Federico Quatrini: Il Pittore dell Alta Montagna. Gallery Gussoni, Milano
1963 F.Quatrini, Ballardini, Doda. Protagonisti della Ceramica Moderna. Tamborini
1966 Sculture di Federico Quatrini, Gallery San Fedele