Extraordinary Desk from La Permanente Mobili di Cantu

Extraordinary Desk from La Permanente Mobili di Cantu
c. 1956

Incredible desk of mahogany and teakwood with brass legs and drawer-pulls.  Gently curved top surface, fluted faces, and inset center drawer.  Four drawers on either side, with contoured fronts and beautifully shaped, paneled backs.  
La Permanente Mobili di Cantu is a decades-old association representing the very best of Cantu's custom cabinet & furniture makers.  Pieces were submitted to the organization and once accepted, the designs were no longer attributed to the makers; they were instead credited to and sold through the association, effectively elevating their status.  
h. 30"  w. 70"  d. 36"

Excellent condition.  Wood has recently been refinished, and metal polished.   The center drawer at one time contained a lock which has been removed and filled in.  This is visible but not detracting from the overall look of the piece.


Ref. 40 PMC 01

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